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The Magic Doorway into the Divine by Devrah Laval is an effortless read. The daunting task of finding spiritual truth is made easier due to the book;s completely palatable format. The contents constitute a set of extremely potent spiritual instructions whcih, when followed, may lead to spiritual awakening...

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Review By: Penny Kelly, N.D.

Dear Devrah,

Thanks so much for the opportunity to read and review your book. I always love it when someone who has truly awakened writes something from the heart about their experience of the Divine – and you do this beautifully and with fierce humility.

When I first sat down to read your book, I was expecting a story…and when it didn’t unfold quite the way I expected it to, I began to bog down about half way through the book. I put it aside for a couple weeks, then found myself picking it up to see what you had to say about this or that emotion.

After a few times, I realized that it was really more of a “daybook” or handbook of lessons. Part workbook, part inspiration, your Magic Doorway is wonderful as a personal guide, or as part of a meditation class or workshop that has a spiritual basis. It would also be excellent for bringing a sense of healing and wholeness to seminars and workshops that focus on opening people to higher consciousness.

There are few good guidebooks that pinpoint the inner work we must do to resuscitate the Divine Self that lives in each of us. I love the way Magic Doorway underlines and supports the path to one’s True Self! There is no progress without the inner work to clear away all the fog, fuss, and traditional biases that accompany an unawakened Self. So often, we are told to “just love” but there is so much baggage in the way that we can’t; we become immobilized and bog down in confusion.

Your book extends a light and offers to show the reader the way to Truth and Life. Blessings to you and all of your efforts. The world is sorely in need of more teachers and counselors like you!

Love & Light,
Penny Kelly

Review By: Donaleen Saul

For people drawn to a spiritual path, the profusion of books, seminars, teachers, and groups purporting to offer guidance can be overwhelming if not downright frightening. Devrah Laval’s recent book, The Magic Doorway into The Divine, rises above the rest because of its simplicity, its honesty, and, most important of all, because of its capacity to empower seekers to trust their own relationship with The Divine. In effect, The Magic Doorway into The Divine invites readers to experience their own mystical natures initially without intermediaries. It does this by explaining the spiritual in everyday terms and by personal example, and by offering meditations to help them claim for themselves the lessons contained in each chapter. Then, when one is ready to surrender to the heart’s longings to merge with the Infinite, and for the vast majority this can only be accomplished through the grace of a living Master, they are then ready to claim their true nature and ride it to final blessed union.

Although she has studied extensively with several prominent spiritual teachers, Devrah’s wisdom is not bound by any tradition. Universal in its approach and accessible to all faiths, The Magic Doorway into The Divine is firmly rooted in worldly concerns – financial worries, health issues, marital discord… Moving from the deceptively simple premise that such familiar challenges, and the often troubling mental states to which they give rise, can either close or open the door to The Divine, depending on how we perceive them, Devrah provides clear direction to guide the seeker toward the Light.

Not that The Magic Doorway into The Divine denies the darkness, a common failing of many books offering spiritual direction. Indeed, one of its greatest strengths is the support and wisdom it offers to the reader travelling through what the great Catholic mystic, St. John of the Cross, terms “The Dark Night of the Soul.” Sharing her own experience through this arduous phase of the journey, Devrah assures us that such a passage is a universal one. Without minimizing the difficulties, she provides compassionate encouragement to those who are lost in what can seem like an endless emptiness: “The Dark Night of the Soul can give rise to boredom, emotional fatigue, illness, depression, fear, and a sense of being dead to life… But the time of The Dark Night of the Soul can be the biggest doorway of all.”

This time of intense purification of those habits and attitudes that prevent us from realizing our Divine nature ultimately leads us to what Devrah refers to in the final section of her book as “Return to the Garden.” It is here that we come to realize that everyone and everything arises from the same Source, and that nothing is separate from God. Graced with this unshakable certainty, we can end our inner and outer wars and return to our true birthright: “Love of the purest kind.”

The Magic Doorway into The Divine belongs in the library of every serious spiritual seeker.